Production Team Update August 18, 2017



  • Continuing to interview prospective scientists for various roles. We have engaged a contingency-based search firm to look as well. 
  • We met with a group willing to finance the purchase of scientific equipment for our lab. We will pursue this. The terms are very favorable.
  • Per my Founder’s Update we looked at a building which has a lot of potential. We are exploring options to make this our facility. 
  • By Thursday, the 24th, we should have all of the information LaPorte needs for them to complete the next draft of their initial brewery design feasibility study. Several Province team members have deliverables due this week so that we can get the needed information to LaPorte.
  • Some photos of our last tasting are popping up on our Instagram page and our Facebook page. If you’re not already following us on Instagram and Facebook, please do!


  • We will be planning another tasting relatively soon.
  • Dooma will be speaking at the Grow Up Conference in Niagra Falls Ontario Oct 6-7.
  • Dooma will be speaking at the Extraxx Conference in Los Angeles January 24-28, 2018


  • Per my Founder’s update this week, would love advice on how to secure the building we found which has certain benefits for our company.  Also would love advice on how to proceed with regards to potentially bringing an outsourced R&D function in house.
  • We are looking for anyone interested in financing or buying the building described in my Founder’s Statement. 
  • Hiring the following positions:
    • Psychopharamcologist (clinical)
    • Psychopharmacologist (cellular)
    • Formulations chemist
    • Chromatographers
    • Extraction specialist (EtOH)
    • President with beer experience