Production Team Update August 11, 2017



  • Tasting event at Katana was a big success. 30 + attendees. We received positive feedback across the board. Check out some images of the event below. 
  • We held a call with LaPorte and provided our notes on their first draft of their brewery design research project. We will provide the next draft as soon as this is complete. In the interim several members of team Province have important deliverables to provide LaPorte with the information they need to complete their next draft.
  • We tested our carbonation equipment this week and it worked well. There are a few things we need to buy but soon Province will be able to carbonate our beers ourselves without paying an outside contractor to help. Here are some images of the carbonation testing: 


  • Dooma is touring another building which could be a suitable location for our brewery this week. The location in Brantford is still in play but it is always good to have options. 
  • Dooma will be speaking at the Grow Up Conference in Niagra Falls Ontario October 6 & 7. 
  • We should find out about our grant application for r&d with loyalist college this month.


  • Hiring the following positions:
    • Psychopharamcologist (clinical)
    • Psychopharmacologist (cellular)
    • Formulations chemist
    • Chromatographers
    • Extraction specialist (EtOH)
    • President with beer experience
  • Looking for anyone interested in financing / buying the building which will become our facility.