Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche August 4, 2017


Productivity Team Spotlight - Caitlin Krapf

I wanted to follow up on Dooma’s Founders’ Update from last week and share a little bit more about what the Productivity Team will be working on.

At Province, we use a pretty awesome tool called Smartsheet to manage our projects and help the team collaborate. It assists us in making sure we don’t lose sight of important deadlines, keeps track of company priorities, and helps us anticipate any snags that might hold up important projects.

Because we’ve been moving at breakneck speed with no one to manage Smartsheet on a daily basis, we haven’t been updating it as much as needed. Dooma and I had a long conference call a week ago and discussed what we needed to do to bring all the task lists and gantt charts up-to-date and how to make some adjustments in the way we use the program to better support the team.

In the coming months I’ll be working on that task: making sure everyone has easy to reference task lists and personal priorities that align with the overall mission of the company. I'll also make certain that we transition to a project tracking system that more accurately mirrors current company initiatives.

I look forward to bringing you weekly updates on that progress starting next week.