Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche August 18, 2017

Kimberly Koczerginski, Photography/Social Media

Kimberly Koczerginski, Photography/Social Media

My name is Kimberly Koczerginski, and I take care of product photography and social media for Province Brands.  

I met Dooma at an event for his wife's incredible fashion magazine. After some chatting about the kind of work I do and his need for a similar role in his business, it seemed we made a lucky connection.  

Although my background is in jewelry design, I have always believed that design capability is transferrable between mediums. Working for a jewelry company, I began switching gears from jewelry design to visual content creating, and I have been thrilled to expand outside my original industry.  

I am intrigued by the upward direction of the cannabis industry and pleased to see entrepreneurs run with this new opportunity. In addition, I am enthused to be a participant in a disrupter company that is taking such an innovative approach to cannabis consumption. Province is a sophisticated brand, and I do believe there is a great demand for a refined collection of cannabis consumables.  

I live an active lifestyle both socially and physically and healthy living is a personal priority of mine. I love the idea of a beverage designed for kicking back or getting into celebration mode that won't pollute your body the way alcohol or smoking does.  

I am excited to witness Province Brands grow and look forward to seeing people toasting and clinking glasses of Province Brands beverages.