Production Team Update June 16, 2017



  • The fourth sprint in Phase One: Our collaboration with Pure Vision Technology is wrapping up (technically we’re still waiting for their final report, but we have all other deliverables). We will post that here as soon as we have it. We’re negotiating our agreement for Phase II. This is a big step forward for project Rogan.
  • We spent a lot of time this week preparing for another batch of Project Fox. We will be bottling 40-60 bottles on Wednesday / Thursday. We will be trying these out this week. Objective of this test is to evaluate different excipients.
  • We hired Hill & Knowlton Strategies to help us with municipality relations as we plan the location for our state-of-the-art, first-of-its-kind cannabis brewery.
  • We are continuing to work closely with the patent attorneys on our IP4


  • Expect to be engaged with Pure Vision for Phase II within the next 3 weeks or so
  • Bottling 40-60 bottles of Fox on Wednesday / Thursday
  • Dooma and Jennifer will be in Montreal for the ICRS beginning on Thursday 6/23. Let us know if you’ll be there as well.


  • We are hiring the following roles and would love recommendations
    • Formulations chemist (background in lipids & lipophillic compounds)
    • Chromatographer (background in lipids & lipophillic compounds or in cannabis)
    • Lead Scientist (background in psychopharmacology & cannabinoid research)
  • We are looking for anyone interested in financing the building