Legal & Finance Update June 29, 2017


  • We are finally sending out a revised agreement to JWC! It has been a long haul with this process but we see an end in sight. 
  • We received a proposal from our CRO Pure Hemp Tech regarding a second stage in our research process. We are reviewing our options internally but plan to proceed with a formal agreement once we come to terms on pricing.  
  • We are also close to finalizing the application for our first patent! We have received the second draft of the application and plan to have a call next week with our patent agent to finalize the document. 


  • We will be finalizing all the advisor agreements in the next two weeks. 
  • We are also working to revise and update all the formation documents. 
  • We have reached out to two companies that have accelerator technology and we plan to formalize agreements with them. This is another big step in getting a product to market.


  • We could use help with findingnew outside counsel. We would like to have a supplemental option for when Bennett Jones is too expensive. 
  • We could use help with finding an insurance company to provide an assessment of our corporate insurance needs.  
  • We also could use advice hiring outside counsel familiar with product labeling in cannabis and alcohol.