marketing team update may 5, 2017

This Weeks Update

  • Still working on the contract also been discussion regarding the Yandi Bottle
  • Also discussion regrading the brand development about Cambridge Bay, need to rethink the graphic due to clear bottle, se attached picture.
  • Multiple discussions regarding brand development.
  • Discussion regarding and flavor profile, is there a opening for a RTD (ready to drink) This could be a more mainstream way and also would give a longevity an fruitful to the large campaign.

Looking Forward

  • Gustaf: Signing the contract and becoming an official member of the team.
  • Oscar: Meeting with a potential investor an a Swedish craft brewer - maybe potential future collaboration. Meet and update shareholder.

Things WE need help with

  • We need to set up a call with Jennifer regarding rules / regulations / text on bottles. We still need help with this.
  • We also need to have help with copywriting in near future. Do we have any contacts here?