production team update may 26, 2017


  • A lot of the team’s time this week was spent answering questions for Kathleen Marsman from BLG who is preparing our patent.  
  • We are engaging Eurofins / ExperChem to do both food testing and cannabinoids testing for Rogan. You might be wondering why we’re doing cannabinoid testing on our Rogan product since it is our alcohol product and does not contain marijuana. Well, its possible there could be some phytocannabinoids in Rogan because it is made from hemp, and we need to make sure we are below the limit. Also if there are small amounts of these compounds found in Rogan and they’re not found in a normal beer (which they won’t be) it will help us establish a formulation patent. 
  • Ryan Naphin, Tarek Tabsh, and Caitlin Krapf are hard at work helping us find a location for our brewery. Wish them luck. It’s been harder than we thought.
  • Jennifer Thomas has been negotiating with a prospective LP partner.  Expect an update on that soon.
  • We are going to be closing a deal with LaPorte soon to begin work on brewery design.


  • Dooma will be speaking at the Extraxx Conference in Los Angeles in August
  • Dooma and Jennifer are attending the Lift Conference this weekend in Toronto
  • Trip to Colorado to sample the next batch of Rogan was postponed until June 16. Expect an update then.


  • Looking for a formulations chemist
  • Looking for help sourcing a building for our lab / brewery in Ontario
  • Looking for someone to help us purchase a building in Ontario for our lab / brewery
  • Still looking for backup LP partners in case we don’t close a deal with the folks we’ve been speaking with. 
  • Need someone to represent Province on a recruiting trip to the Prep Conference in Philadelphia July 16-19.  Anyone available?