legal & finance update may 26, 2017


  • We have a determined that it will cost about 3k (US) to convert our manually produced cap table over to an electronic share management system I will be meeting with another company that specializes in Canadian accounts
  • We received the final proposal for the brewery feasibility study.  We will execute this agreement and get the company started on drafting the study 
  • We attended the LIFT Cannabis Expo May 26th – 28th and met with several potential LP partners and investors   
  • Dooma and I met with JWC’s legal counsel and began to work on a strategy for going forward and partnering with JWC


  • We have started the process to create a payroll service for our US employees now we have engaged a company to assist with payroll services for our Canadian employees
  • We are looking forward to hearing back from another LP on their offer to purchase we expect to have a term sheet from the early next week


  • We need help with setting up the onboarding process for new employees as well as other basic HR functions
  • We could use help providing comments to the company that is developing the feasibility study from people who have experience in the brewery space 
  • We need help recruiting scientist for our product development team – we could use a referral for a headhunting company that specializes in this area