team member spotlight / carte blanche aPRIL 21, 2017

Caitlin Krapf, Province Brands Producer

Caitlin Krapf, Province Brands Producer

I am probably the last person anyone would imagine joining the cannabis industry.  I’ve smoked or ingested marijuana approximately six times in my life. Half of those times I felt literally nothing at all. The other three times I got the most nauseous-making, sick-feeling couch lock imaginable. My husband, who was a prolific smoker in his day, has assured me that with some experimentation, we could find a strain I’d enjoy. And I’m sure he’s right. But as a mother of two young kids, I’m just not at a place where such an experiment sounds feasible or fun.

I wound up working for Province for two reasons.  The first is Dooma Wendschuh. I worked for Dooma at his first company, sekretagent Productions. (My background is in entertainment. If you have 90 minutes to kill, you could check out the feature documentary I co-produced, Sex(Ed): The Movie.  I’ve worked for a lot of amazing people, but Dooma is one of the best. He demands good work, but actually puts in the time to help you grow and achieve more. I was sad to see him leave sekretagent. 

The second is Province Brands’ product itself. When Dooma told me the idea behind the company, I was intrigued. As someone who feels no desire to try marijuana ever again, I heard about the evolved cannabis beer, and thought, “Yeah. That actually sounds pretty good.” When I told my husband about the idea, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning. As a fan of beer and marijuana, who can’t smoke as much as he’d probably like, I think our flagship products will literally be his ideal psychoactive. And if a product can sound good to two people on such different ends of the cannabis spectrum, I knew it had legs.

I’m so thrilled that Dooma had space for me on this amazing team.