team member spotlight - carte blanche april 14, 2017

Ryan Naphin Project Manager

Ryan Naphin Project Manager

My name is Ryan Naphin project manager for Province. I do not like this company, Province...I love it.

We have all heard the phrase "do what you love and you will be successful". That is much easier to say than do. The world is catching up and changing in favour of the things I love. It is very hard to do what you love when that particular something is illegal. The two things I love (besides my family) are marijuana and making money. Working a Province is a perfect match for me where I can combine making money and marijuana. I truly never thought this would be a possibility in my lifetime until meeting Dooma Wendschuh and joining this team. I am also an active medicinal marijuana patient & grower for my own personal use. I enjoy the serenity of working on my garden and helping others achieve success in their own grow rooms. The future is bright at Province and could not be happier to be a part of this ground-breaking company.

The first two pics are a New York City Diesel strain that I started from seed. I had five female phenotypes, this one is the obvious best choice to clone. When taken out of braces it falls right over with dense, dank smelling buds weighing in down. The bottom pic is just some cute little babies.... 

FYI the other pictures I posted previously on random are of a strain I purchased from the Whistler Medical Marijuana Company. I was the 3rd person in Canada to legally do that. It is 100% indica and they call it LSD because of the buzz I am guessing. It's nice.  I think the NYC diesel will be better with a little sativa influence.