Business Development & Fundraising Team Update February 2, 2018



  • Continuing to work our new financial model. This week we have completed a comprehensive model of the oil distilling and beer brewing process.
  • We are waiting for a major investment bank to complete its due diligence process, and have also received some follow-up questions from another bank that has also shown interest to help us with our next round and our public offering.
  • We are still in exclusive negotiations with a license producer partner; we have sent all documents for review by the LP.
  • We are continuing our discussions with a CRO which has a lot of the capabilities we will need to launch our ultra-premium products.
  • Prepared an LOI for a brewery facility that can be a great fit and will meet with them next week.
  • We have received a draft of the terms and conditions from a potential supplier from South America. After an internal review, we believe that this could be a valid supplier, yet the T&C should be slightly amended.


  • Continuing to work on the financial model, this week we will work on combining the revenue model with the direct costs of brewing. In addition, we will start working on SG&A costs that should go into the model. 
  • Continuing to update and improve the business plan and how we can improve it. Which parts should we keep and which should we change.
  • Continuing our conversation with a potential brewery, and will meet with them in person this week.


  • Suggestions on what is missing (or over mentioned) in the business plan. If there was a part you felt was not clear enough or any information you felt was missing, let us know
  • If anyone is a whiz at financial modeling and has time, we would love your help and advice as we put our model together.