Productivity Team Update December 29, 2017



  • The office was closed this week, but thanks to Ryan’s amazing effort, we still built out Gantt Charts for three upcoming initiatives.


  • 2018 is going to be a big year for our team. We look forward to hitting the ground running, cleaning up all the new Gantt Charts we built out in the craziness of the last month, and beginning a major overhaul of SmartSheet.


  • For everyone that works with SmartSheet, we’d like to reiterate something Dooma already mentioned on slack. Please check our your reports! All tasks that are assigned to you (where you're not a follower), which are complete should be marked 100% in the % complete column. Also if you are absolutely positive that a task assigned to you is no longer relevant or obsolete, please type "OBSOLETE" at the end of the task’s name and mark it 100% complete. If you notice that there are tasks which are past due or due soon but which you know for sure are NOT URGENT, then push back the dates until you think you can get them done. Finally, if a task is assigned to you and you don't think you are the right person, reassign it to the right person. If you don't know who that right person is, reassign it to Ryan and we will figure it out. Lastly, if it would be easier to go over any of this is a quick call, just reach out and we’ll get one scheduled!