Product Team Update December 29, 2017



  • The office was closed this week for the holidays, so progress was slow, but the Production Team did achieve a few things:
  • We have carried out many interviews for a head of Production department. We have not locked anyone down and would love any recommendations. We have a few nice leads. 
  • We picked up 100 lbs of hemp seeds and will begin malting them. PLEASE KEEP OUR USE OF MALTED SEEDS AS A FLAVORING ELEMENT CONFIDENTIAL. 
  • We made a plan to begin our flavor iterations for Cambridge Bay (alcohol beer brewed from hemp) and also made a plan to begin our Experimental Design Document with Pure Vision Technology for phase 2 of our research project with them.


  • Next few weeks will be about:
    • Licensure
    • Hiring
    • Finding a location to set up our brewery


  • We will be hiring consultants to help us with our Canadian licensure in the below listed fields and would love any suggestions:
    • Security (cameras, vault construction, etc.)
    • QA / QC
    • Regulatory Affairs and probably some other areas we’re not aware of yet
  • We are looking for a head of production or president with experience in beer or pharmaceutical industries
  • We are looking to fill the following science positions:
    • Lead chromatographer
    • Lead Formulations Chemist
    • Head of Psychopharmacology
    • Bioprocess engineer who can work from Loyalist College in Bellville
  • We need help identifying a used brewery in Ontario