Product Team Update December 22, 2017



  • We had our kick off call with Pure Vision Technology. We are beginning our phase 2 project with them. Expect substantial progress to begin in March as before that we are waiting for equipment delivery and drafting of the Experimental Design Document.
  • Unfortunately the candidate for bioprocess engineer who had signed his offer letter was not OK to live in Belleville and work with Loyalist College, so he rescinded his interest. We are looking for someone new to fill this role. We must have someone to start no later than February.
  • We interviewed a candidate for neurobiologist / pharmacologist who we may hire. We are asking her to meet the rest of the science team.
  • We met with a CRO which looks capable of helping us with purifications (lab scale) and some of our pharmacological research. We will continue discussions with them.


  • In 2018, our focus will turn towards building out our product team and finding a location for our brewery. We will also begin our alcohol and cannabis licensure application processes in the early part of the year. We will receive our alcohol license in 2018. Cannabis licensure could stretch into 2019.


  • We will be hiring consultants to help us with our Canadian licensure in the below listed fields and would love any suggestions:
    • Security (cameras, vault construction, etc.)
    • QA / QC
    • Regulatory Affairs and probably some other areas we’re not aware of yet
  • We are looking for a head of production or president with experience in beer or pharmaceutical industries
  • We are looking to fill the following science positions:
    • Lead chromatographer
    • Lead Formulations Chemist
    • Head of Psychopharmacology
    • Bioprocess engineer who can work from Loyalist College in Bellville
  • We need help identifying a used brewery in Ontario
All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh