Legal & Finance Update November 10, 2017



  • We spent a considerable amount of time focused on finalizing the foundation documents for our company. I am pleased to update that we are in the final stages of these documents and have an expected completion date of early next week. These are critical documents that act as the skeleton for the company and will govern how we move forward. This is very exciting news, and we are looking forward to moving on to the next stage of execution by all parties.
  • We have officially entered into the implementation stage of our Solium share management platform. What this means is that we can expect in the next couple weeks that our Solium platform is online and soon thereafter our shareholders will be able to manage their shares personally. This increases transparency in our company and is a positive step all around.
  • Our marketing team developed a beautiful, and personalized, share certificate that all shareholders will receive digitally. This attention to detail, all the way down to the way our share certificates look, is how we maintain our company’s image and message.
  • We have entered into the final negotiation stages with James Wagner Cultivation, meaning that we are one step closing to securing a relationship with a licensed producer.
  • We have entered into the final negotiation stages with Pure Vision Technologies meaning that we are one step closer to securing the process to begin brewing our own beer.
  • We have expanded our fundraising team and welcome Aman Chatha to our team!
  • We are finalizing a contract with a Cyberactive Consulting, a company that will help elevate our online presence and search engine optimization.
  • We have created an internal document and agreement tracking system that manages all agreements with members of the Province team.


  • We are hoping to finalize all foundation documents and begin the process of sending them to individuals for execution.
  • We are hoping to send all Amended Subscription Agreements for execution by shareholders in order to memorialize their shares with the latest Agreement before the round closes
  • We are working to close any gaps and execute any missing documents in the Document Tracking System
  • Beginning our transition from GSuite to a more formal cloud-based document management system. This will allow files to be managed wherever team members are without any document conversion process that must be done with Google Drive.


  • We have been working with Clausthaler as the non-alcoholic beer product we used during the marketing trial and the Nov 2 event. We want to reach out to the Clausthaler team and see if they would be interested in supplying us with white label products. If anyone has any experience with this, please reach out to us.