Production Team Update October 6, 2017



  • Interviewing candidates for the following positions:
    • Bioprocess engineer
    • Head of production and R&D
    • Someone to run a marketing trial we need to start THIS WEEK to compare different accelerant options. 
  • Hard at work preparing for November 2nd tasting. 
  • We had a kick off meeting with Loyalist College for the grant we received from the Ontario Centers of Excellence. This project will begin soon. This project will require us to hire an additional bioprocess engineer based in Brampton ON. We have already begun our search. 
  • Dooma spoke at the Grow Up Conference in Niagara and met some good leads including some interesting scientists we may hire, and also a company which makes very good phases for isolating phytocannabinoids. We also met an interesting security vendor.


  • We are planning a crossover trial of the different accelerant options available to us to ensure we use the best one for our November 2nd tasting. We will do these every so often to make sure we’re using the best option on the market. 


  • We will be hiring consultants to help us with our Canadian licensure in the below listed fields and would love any suggestions:
    • Security (cameras, vault construction, etc.)
    • QA / QC
    • Regulatory Affairs and probably some other areas we’re not aware of yet
  • We are looking for a head of production or president with experience in beer or pharmaceutical industries
  • We are looking to fill the following science positions:
    • Lead chromatographer
    • Lead Formulations Chemist
    • Head of Psychopharmacology
  • Also we need someone to help us with a crossover marketing trial which we are starting this coming week. This is a project-based temporary position which will run from October 11 or so through October 31. Candidate should be based in Toronto and have experience as a nurse, or (preferably) in pharmacology.
All, Product TeamDooma Wendschuh