Business Development & Fundraising Team Update January 26, 2018



  • Continuing to work our new financial model. This week we have completed a comprehensive model of the markets we intend to enter and our predicted revenues.
  • We are still in exclusive negotiations with a license producer partner. The exclusivity period was extended to February 15, which will allow us to continue the negotiations.
  • We are continuing our discussions with a CRO which has a lot of the capabilities we will need to launch our ultra-premium products.
  • We found a brewery facility that could be a great fit and we are preparing to submit an LOI.
  • Met with a potential supplier from South America and are likely to sign an agreement with them.


  • Continuing to work on the financial model, this week we will model the brewing process to allow us to calculate the costs accurately. 
  • Continuing to update and improve the business plan. Looking at which parts should to keep and which we should change?
  • Started a conversation with a potential brewery with the aim to move in as soon as possible.


  • Suggestions on what is missing (or over mentioned) in the business plan. If there was a part you felt was not clear enough or any information you felt was missing, let us know.
  • If anyone is a whiz at financial modeling and has time, we would love your help and advice as we put our model together.