Business Development & Fundraising Team Update January 25, 2019



  • Dooma was in Japan and Hong Kong meeting with prospective investors. The meetings went very well. A big thank you to Province Brands investor Chenghung Chen for setting up meetings in Japan! Arigato Gozaimasu!

  • We recently closed a deal with Grain and Grit in Hamilton to produce our Cambridge Bay alcohol beer in Ontario for us as an outsource partner - at least until our own brewery is ready (Or maybe forever if the proposed regulations go through as planned and we are not able to make alcohol products and marijuana products in the same facility - we are lobbying to try to change that).

  • In partnership with Hill Street Beverages we have set up the Canadian Cannabis Beverage Alliance to lobby the government to change certain of the proposed regulations which we see as not helpful to our industry but also not in the interest of public health and safety. This trade organization will continue indefinitely long after the regulations become written in law to advocate for the interests of our industry. Hexo / Molson/Coors and Tilray / AB Inbev have both volunteered to join our trade organization. We are working to get many other big names to join.

  • Our team is really shaping up. Fran Sanda has been a great addition and is showing amazing leadership. Julia has become a closing machine and is closing investor after investor. Dylan has been a rock star since joining. Jessa is doing a phenomenal job of planning upcoming investor tours and Lauren has closed her first investment. Erin Shand has been taking the lead on coordinating our lobbying efforts. Province Brands investor and advisor Aman Chatha keeps closing the co-packing deals. Andrew Del Fatti our summer intern is back and ready to close some deals. I'm really impressed. We have a lot of growing and development to do as a team but it's heading in the right direction. This is becoming a team that can really get things done. I'm proud to be running this team (with some help from Fran).


  • Lauren Maillian will be in London, January 28-30, attending a conference and meeting with current and prospective investors. If you know anyone who she should meet please let us know.

  • Dooma and other members of the team will be in Los Angeles, February 4-8, attending the Arcview conference and meeting with prospective investors. If you know anyone we should meet please let me know.


  • We're on the fundraising warpath. If you know any prospective investors please send them our way. Also we're looking for introductions to anyone you think might be interested in joining our trade association the, Canadian Cannabis Beverage Alliance! Would love any introductions and thanks to everyone who has joined to date.