Business Development & Fundraising Team Update January 18, 2019



  • We closed an additional white label deal - this one with Gahan - the largest brewery in Prince Edward Island.

  • We were planning to launch our Cambridge Bay Imperial Pilsner (7% ABV Imperial Pilsner brewed from hemp) in Yukon because it was easy and feasible to get on the shelves there quickly. Unfortunately, there have been some delays in the production of this beer but this has enabled us to launch in Ontario first instead. We will be producing the beer through a partnership with Grain and Grit.

  • I believe many of you saw the press release but we've closed a supply arrangement with the Canadian Hemp Farmer's Alliance for purchasing hemp to make our Cambridge Bay Imperial Pilsner and any other beers we need to make. This partnership will enable us to purchase hemp at $55 per ton which is just a tiny fraction of what normal breweries pay for barley - at $600 per ton.

  • We're continuing our Series B and have been receiving lots of inbound interest lately.


  • Lauren is taking a bunch of meetings in NYC with prospective investors this coming week.

  • Dooma is in Asia this week and will soon be in London to meet with prospective investors.

  • We are organizing a tour for a big prospective investor week of the February 10th.


  • We are forming a lobbying group called the Canadian Cannabis Beverage Alliance to help lobby for more favourable cannabis beverage regulations. Some of the biggest alcohol and cannabis companies in Canada have joined with us - but we're up against stiff competition. Canopy Growth is lobbying very hard to keep companies like Province from launching competing products. We're looking for new members to join our alliance so if you have relationships with any Licensed Producers or beverage companies in Canada who might want to join, please pass the information along to me (Dooma) - as soon as possible. This is time sensitive and urgent. Dues are fairly low and we're putting together a very strong group. Additionally if you're interested in donating to the organization (we're a non-profit but not a charity, so not sure it will be a tax write off) please let me know as well.