Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update March 8, 2019


So, two things: First I want to thank all of our investors and team members who recently have come forward with suggestions for 1) Investment banks to help us with capital raising and 2) equipment financing solutions as we’re desperately trying to find someone to finance the purchase of our equipment at a reasonable rate. Please keep these recommendations coming. We have not found a solution in either case and really need some help!

I also want to give a few shout-outs to members of our Product Team who have been doing the impossible pretty much every day. Firstly, to our master brewer, Dr. Rob Kevwitch. In recent weeks we’ve been asking more of him than we ever have before. He’s responding to the pressure by doing the impossible day in and day out, keeping spirits high, and making jokes along the way. He is really a model for what it takes to succeed at Province. I’m totally jealous of his ability to just take more and more weight and handle it so well. Perhaps it’s his training as a semi-pro mountain biker which has taught him to take a beating and just keep on going.

Secondly, a much deserved and overdue shout-out to Colin Cymbalisty. Colin never ceases to amaze me. Greg Foster runs our product team and is an all-star Province Brands MVP, but Greg was out of town for the past week - and my God - did Colin step up! He did a fantastic job running the meetings, keeping everything on track. In case you don’t know, Colin is like the queen bee at the center of our little hive – except he’s male, so he would be the King bee, but that doesn’t really exist but you know what I mean. He’s like the brains figuring our how we’re going to build this ‘brewery of the future’ and providing the direction and plan to everyone else on the team. It’s really incredible.

Travis Dafoe has recently joined our team, and he’s been a real trooper. Despite sounding really defeated when he realized (and this is a direct quote) “this thing’s really got a lot of hoses to connect.” He somehow managed to set up our state of the art $150,000 rotary evaporator despite never having seen one of those before – and he did it on an impossible schedule to meet Rob’s insanely tight timeframe.

Robyn and Dallas have also been doing the impossible to help Rob meet his tight schedule. Greg is his usual awesome self and Natasha has lately been knocking it out of the park with presentations for the business development team despite that not being her job at all. Our world class - and I mean seriously world class -bioprocess team Erin, Thomas, Bertil and Rodolfo, are also doing the impossible every day. I’m really privileged to have the experience of working with this team. It has been, and I say this in all sincerity, one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career to watch these guys do the impossible day after day.