Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update February 8, 2019


It is a huge milestone for the company to say that we have submitted our research license and processing license to Health Canada. We are confident that our applications are full, complete and well put together. It may sound basic but our research shows that most applicants struggle to submit complete and organized applications. It is believed that this is why so many of the applicants face delays. We believe that having a complete and professional application will help to move it smoothly through the process. Additionally, we are working in partnership with Auxly which has several benefits - they have gone through the process before and they already have security cleared personnel. As you have seen in other updates, we are building out the facility actively right now. Many applicants wait to receive a green light from HC before starting construction – another alleged reason for typical delays in the road to licensing. We are planning to have our laboratory ready for inspection in a few months. We hope this gives us the ability to simultaneously go through the site review process and the initial application review process.  

I want to applaud my team for completing this step and acknowledge how helpful it was to have Auxly as a partner in this process because of their institutional knowledge and prior experience. We signed a lease at the end of October and within a few months pulled together a complete application. After building selection occurs many people need six months to prepare their applications. Achieving this task is a little over three months after site selection is exciting and shows the dedication of the legal team. Days like this I am super proud to be a founder.