Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update December 7, 2018

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We are considering implementing on a training program for new managers and leaders in the company. Let us know if you have any leads on trainers in this area.

We have been debating internally about ordering desktop computers or laptops for the team as we move to a new location in Grimsby. We have found that most employees would prefer laptops but some internal stakeholders have raised concerns about security issues with laptop devices (especially given all of the companies IP and trade secrets). We can’t spend too much time micromanaging this issue and would love to lean on your knowledge in this area. Any tips or guidance?  

As a small group, prioritization is super important. We have to have precise laser focus on the current goals of the company. Sometimes that even requires putting aside projects that provide less value to the company’s overall goal. 

Team productivity and motivation are critical to the success of our next few projects.