Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update November 23, 2018


We are doing a lot of interviewing in hopes of filling holes in our leadership team. We hope to establish the team that we need to build the brewery on time for legalization. In this process it is interesting to see what qualities we all value in leaders. For example, is a charisma more important that clarity? Is a talkative over-eager person annoying or passionate?  

We are also looking actively for a new Toronto location. Yes, we heard your advice and have come to the agreement that having a presence in the city is of value to the team. Here are some of the parameters that Dooma has asked us to work within the following parameters:

  • Up to a 2 year lease

  • Rent should be under $2400 including electric, internet etc. If we cannot find a place with utilities included, rent should be under $2,000.

  • Needs to be at least 400 SF.

As I embark on this project, I can admit that we need help finding an office. The parameters above are just a starting point, but if anyone knows of office space or has suggestions we are excited to here from you. Please help us!