Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update November 9, 2018


Like any start-up we have had some ups and downs in our hiring process. As we are start to plan for hiring employees on the factory floor we are working on creating workplace perks to help us attract the top talent in an area like Grimbsy, a very competitive environment for workers. We know that employees are voluntarily quitting their jobs at the highest rate since 2001.

Today’s job market is ripe for job hoppers and employees are keeping their eyes open for their next big opportunity. Employers are scratching their heads, struggling to retain staff in the most job seeker favorable market in over a decade.

Unions are common in this area and we have already been approached about workers’ unions. We hope to establish a workplace that will be free from the need for unions because of our adherence to the highest workplace safety standards, on campus perquisites, and fair and top of market compensation packages.

Our product is complicated to make, and we will not be successful if we have a revolving door of employees. We are fighting against current market stats that tells us “30% of job seekers have left a job within 90 days of starting.”

These issues are easy to fix if we acknowledge them in advance, and we work on them before we even hire our first full wave of employees in Grimsby.

We will start by paying close attention to the motivations for why employees leave in our marketplace. We are acknowledging that the modern workforce doesn’t allow for employers to simply pay high salaries or provide a suite of benefits. Employees are looking for more than that and can find it elsewhere.