Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update October 26, 2018


This week Oscar shared a great article with the founders team. The high level overview of this article is a singular message: Value your team. It costs the company money, time, and productivity if employees leave because they aren’t finding value and satisfaction in their roles or feel under appreciated at the company. “Employees are a company's greatest asset. They are your competitive advantage.” This seems to be an acutely on point message from the last few weeks as we plan how to handle a few issues for the company.  

We now know that recruiting for our corporate offices will be difficult if we require team members from Toronto to travel to Grimsby everyday. With this knowledge, do we maintain an office in Toronto despite the costs? Do we allow the Toronto team to work from home – potentially sacrificing team cohesion or productivity? Do we look weak if we turn to our workers and consider their positions in the decision making process? What is most important - happy (potentially more loyal and productive) employees or saving more money and having more liquidity for other projects?