Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update June 1, 2018


This week has been pretty tumultuous – filled with highs and lows! To me those are the best kinds of weeks because it is a sign of extreme growth. For the Legal and Finance Team, we are under extreme pressure to make sure that the company (a) gets a license to process marijuana oils, (b) goes public through the CBC vehicle; and (c) finds a path to market for the company to sell our alcoholic beer by the year end. We are getting so close to each goal that it is exhilarating. This week we found two new paths to quickly get our Cambridge Bay beer on shelves that we hadn’t previously considered! The team worked hard to find loopholes and work on creative strategies and came up with a win. 

We have two interns who will be sitting for the bar exam this week. They still worked hard and gave us help in their spare time after studying. We have such a dedicated team.