Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update May 4, 2018


For the last few weeks, our Founder’s team has been in the midst of making a series of huge decisions for the company.

We have been offered opportunities to merge with other companies, build out a brewery from scratch with an establish LP at our side, and so many other options. Each path would present a unique set of challenges and risks.

I’ve said before that in our industry everything is changing at lighting speed. The infancy of the industry means we can’t always rely on precedent so we have to make decisions based on intuition. 

This week we had all the founders in one place and it was exciting to be working together. One thing that was especially exciting about having the leaders in the same vicinity was the ways in which our strengths (and shortcomings) compliment each other was on full display. We work as a team well because each founder is never afraid to listen to their internal voice and take the helm in areas where we are strong. 

“Leadership is a lot about listening to yourself... Be brave with your decision even if it goes against the grain.” -Kit Crawford, Co-Owner of Clif Bar & Company