Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update April 6, 2018


This past week we learned that several of you received emails from Alex Halperin inquiring about members of our team at Province Brands, specifically Dooma Wendschuh.

You may have heard Dooma mention Alex in the past. A long time ago, Rolling Stone hired Alex to write an article about Dooma and his previous cannabis company. The piece that Alex ended up writing was negative and challenged Dooma’s veracity and ethics.

All of us here at Province who have worked with Dooma can attest to the fact that the person Alex describes in his piece is unrecognizable to us. In fact, the person he paints is so far from the person that we work with on an everyday basis that we feel confident that Alex was misled by some of his sources. Thankfully, Rolling Stone agrees with us; they refused to publish Alex’s work after their fact-checking department invalidated it. Their position only solidifies what we already know to be true about Dooma. The proposed article was later published on a less reputable outlet/blog.

It seems that once again, Alex has received misleading information about Dooma from one of Dooma's former business partners. We believe that Alex wants to build a story around the information he has received without regard to its validity and that is why you may have received an email from him.

You may be wondering why I am writing this post. Well, one of our values at Province is “SINCERITY.” This value requires that:

We are honest in our dealings with each other and with all outside parties.
We do what is just.
We do what is right
We practice radical transparency.
We keep no secrets from our teammates.

Alex’s blog posts won’t even register on the scale of obstacles we’ll face as a company as we continue our mission to change the world. Even so, in our aim to maintain radical transparency, we believe it is important to provide insight about this particular obstacle. Whenever you do something bold, things like this may happen. 

If you have any questions about any of this, do not hesitate to call. You can reach me at +1 678-357-2310, or email me at to schedule a time.

Thank you for your continued support of Province.