Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update May 11, 2018


I’m running so fast these days that I never have time to stop and reflect on our small successes. This week we’ve had a lot of successes in a row, and I feel it’s about time we call them out. 

The Legal & Finance Team has made some great strides lately. They were able to hire a licensure consultant and remove a lot of the roadblocks for our licensure process. We were worried about getting our alcohol product Cambridge Bay into the market because it takes several months to get approval to sell beer in most of the Canadian provinces – and as you can imagine, we don’t have several months to wait to earn our first revenues. I was very happy that Jennifer, Krina, Michael, Jonathan and the others in the legal team were able to find a solution so that we can get Cambridge Bay into market just as soon as the product team figures out how to brew it in large enough quantities.

Additionally, Elad and the Business Development Team have already raised nearly $1.5 Million out of our $10 Million round, and the rest looks like it’s coming in soon. I know how hard raising capital is – everyone says they will invest but getting them to write the check is a different story.

Oscar’s Marketing Team has also done a phenomenal job getting the word out regarding our press release about the grant we received from the Ontario Centres of Excellence. We were covered 25 times in the national media, and we were on CBC. We’ll have CBC News coming out to film our facility on Wednesday as well as another national news outlet. I’ll be at Loyalist College this coming Wednesday for the filming.

After overcoming tremendous obstacles (which is part of the scientific process), the Product Team is finally brewing the first batch of beer we’ll make with Innofibre.

Ryan and Caitlin on the Productivity Team succeeded in getting Caitlin’s immigration permit so she can move to Canada and lead her team in person.

We’ll be announcing the deal with the CPC pretty soon. To the outside world that will be our next big milestone. But those of you who read these updates will know just how many milestones we’ve hit this week, and how many we hit every week. It’s been a great week for Province Brands. The thing about little victories is that they add up and over time to become big victories.