Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update May 18, 2018


Expect that next week we will announce a final location as to where we are setting up our brewery. It’s taken a lot of hard work to find the perfect place, and I’m pretty sure we found it. Very exciting. We’ve been receiving a tremendous amount of media attention lately and as a result we’ve been getting a lot of inbound interest in white label deals and other collaborations. Next week, I’ll be speaking at the Canadian Brewing Awards, and I expect even more interest.

Things are moving very fast and its challenging for most of us to keep up. For everyone on team Province, I recommend using discipline. Blocking certain hours of every day to carry out certain activities. You will never complete all of the urgent tasks on your plate but if you prioritize and block out certain times each day for different types of activities, you might complete the MOST urgent tasks on your plate.