Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update April 6, 2018


I want to thank each and every shareholder and investor who has responded to our emails and elected to maintain their equity percentage in Province and invest in our upcoming Series A round. Your continued support and belief in the mission we are on means the world to us. I think I speak for everyone here at Province Brands when I say that we are incredibly fortunate and truly honored to have such a phenomenal group of investors at Province. If you're reading this and not sure what I'm talking about, before starting our upcoming Series A round to raise capital to build the world's first cannabis brewery, we chose to give all of our investors a two week window to maintain their equity percentage should they choose to do so. For those of you who have chosen to invest, please try to get your investment in before the deadline at the end of this week. If there is anyone else who is interested or has questions please reach out to me ( | +1 514-550-5868) or our head of business development, Elad Barak ( | +1 647-230-8121) directly.