Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update March 30, 2018


It seems like every day we are learning about another company following in our footsteps and making a cannabis beer. When we started Province a year and a half ago, no one had even thought to do what we're doing, or if they had thought about it they had not expressed it publicly. It's pretty safe to say that by attending various conferences, speaking publicly and in the media about our business, we have changed the direction of the cannabis industry. A year ago people would have bet that the cannabis delivery mechanism format wars would be won by vaporizers. That's where all the money was going in the business. These days it's hard to find anyone who understands the industry well and doesn't think that beverages are the where everything is going. I'm proud of the role we have played in shifting the direction of the industry to a safer and healthier format for consumption, and in helping people begin to conceive of cannabis as something that could one day replace alcohol. 

Some may say that we should be worried about competition but there are so many styles of beer and so many successful beer industries. Plus, not one of these new upstarts have the ability to brew from cannabis, and if they do, they would be infringing on our intellectual property. Nor do they have the kind of science team we have at Province or the marketing prowess of someone like Oscar. What some do have are very deep pockets - which is great for us. They'll cover a lot of the costs of lobbying the Canadian Government - and other governments - saving us the trouble and cost of doing so. Their marketing efforts will get people used to the idea of a cannabis beer. This will greatly reduce the educational component of our marketing efforts. We don't have to teach people what a cannabis beer is; we just have to slide in and have a better tasting, better psychoactive experience, and better marketed product - which we're well on the way to bringing to market. Let the games begin!