Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update March 2, 2018


Before I say anything else I want to welcome Dr. Rob Kevwitch to our full-time staff as Province's chief product officer. Dr. Kevwitch has been working for us part-time for the past several months in the role of interim master brewer. Dr. Kevwitch has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Arizona and a Bachelors in Chemistry from University of Northern Colorado. He has more than 10 years experience in research and lab management positions for major corporations including Intel and Nalco. In 2013, he turned his chemistry skills to brewing phenomenal beer and founded Grist Brewing - which became one of Colorado's best known microbreweries. Grist now has two brewery locations including a very popular brewpub in Denver. Immigration work to help move Dr. Kevwitch to Toronto is underway.

One more thing I wanted to point out is that our very own head of Bioprocess Science, Dr. Erin Johnson, was recently named an adjunct professor at the University of Western Ontario. She will be overseeing research in Biobutanol Production and other areas. This is a huge honor and we are incredibly lucky to have someone with her pedigree, experience, and leadership skills on our team.

This was one of the better weeks since we started Province. We achieved so much and are so much closer to so many of our goals. Each team made some huge steps forward. The product team is close to closing a deal with a CRO based in Quebec which will greatly advance our research and will get us valuable information we need to finalize our patent applications. Erin Johnson built out a fantastic gantt chart laying the groundwork for the first four months of research to carry out our experimentation at Loyalist and with this new CRO. Amal Bhandari consolidated the results of the team's literature review into a well written and easy to digest Powerpoint. Ryan Naphin took the lead on efforts to find a building we can rent or buy as the deal we had been negotiating to occupy space in a licensed cannabis facility looks like it is falling through. Jennifer and Krina in the legal department made great strides towards wrapping up our efforts to close a deal to purchase a license from an existing LP. This project is behind schedule but hopefully almost finished. Business Development and Fundraising Team has nearly concluded its efforts to complete needed paperwork to close the last funding round - we just need a signature or two from one of our advisors and that will be done. Also, Elad made tremendous progress towards completing our financial model for the next round. Marketing Team finished work on the can designs for Rokt Lager - great work Oscar and Gustaf Wollin! Finally, the Productivity Team took a leading role in finalizing everything needed to close the last funding round and still had time to complete onboarding for Rob Kevwitch and begin onboarding for Hanna Mohammed who will be joining our Province soon. Some weeks a company like ours hits big milestones and everyone feels good about themselves. Other weeks, we just make incredible progress towards future milestones. This week we made greater progress towards future milestones than in most past weeks.