Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update March 23, 2018


"If you ever find a man who is better than you are - hire him. If necessary, pay him more than you would pay yourself.''

"I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people."

"If you always hire people who are smaller than you, we shall become a company of dwarfs. If, on the other hand, you always hire people who are bigger than you, we shall become a company of giants."

Henry Ford is the person that these quotes/concepts are attributed to. I say concepts because some historians have had a difficult time verifying what he actually said and when. 

I share them as my update this week because these concepts are very relevant to the company at this stage in our growth. Ford’s quotes were mentioned on one of our team meetings a few weeks ago, and I have been finding inspiration from them more and more lately. 

The mention of Ford pushed me to do a bit more digging...

One thing that I found pretty applicable to where we are as a company was Ford’s initial struggles to get a license in his industry. 

Just a short time after Ford incorporated his company the then existing auto industry association  threatened to put him out of business because he was not a licensed manufacturer. He had been denied a license by this group, which aimed at reserving for its members the profits of what was fast becoming a major industry. 

Ford fought back hard. This struggle pitted his new company against an industry worth millions of dollars. The gathering of evidence and actual court hearings took six years. Ford lost the original case; he appealed and won the second case. 

I take away two things from Ford’s struggle. First, never be afraid to take on an industry giant or to shake up a pre-existing industry. The fight is always worth it. Second, sometimes we forget that the fight takes time and patience (legal tasks take time and patience too).  

Last week we finally secured an LP partner but it took time! 

It feels good to be traveling along the same path as a market disruptor like Henry Ford.  

…Like Ford we are going to get that license!