Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update February 16, 2018


You may have heard the unfortunate news from our industry. Canada is delaying first sale of legal marijuana products. Instead of July 1st, 2018, it now looks like sales will begin in August or (more likely given how slowly government works) September. If you’ve read the latest draft of the Cannabis Act (C-45) you know that the law requires Canada to permit sales of edibles and beverages within one year following legalization of smoked marijuana. This means that sale of our products will also be pushed back to August or September 2019. While many are seeing this delay as problem for the industry (Canadian cannabis stocks took a major dive when the news came out), it is an absolute miracle for Province Brands. Every single day we are racing around the clock to ensure we have a brewery ready in time for us to have products on the shelf by the first of July, 2019. The task is monumental and having another month or two to prepare will allow us to ensure everything is ready and free us from making unwanted compromises.

This past Friday I spoke about branding and marketing at the Yale Business of Legal Cannabis conference. The photo I’ve used for this week’s update is of cannabis industry fixture, Jeanne Sullivan, and me at the event.