Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update February 1, 2019


This week was a good week for Province Brands. We made substantial progress on our fundraising efforts. Lauren went to London and spoke at the Future Cannabis Strategies Europe Conference and received a warm reception. We received favorable indicators that a major co-packing deal we have been working on with one of the world's leading sports nutrition companies may go through. We also met with one of the big beverage companies pursuing Province Brands for a possible large investment and that meeting was very positive. We attracted the interest of a major U.S. investment bank in supporting our fundraising efforts, and we were approached by a TSXV company about a merger and held an exploratory meeting with our C-Level staff and theirs which seems promising. If this merger comes together it will happen very quickly.

On a different front, our facility is starting to fill up with tanks and other equipment we have ordered. Check out our Instagram or our flickr for some of the photos. That's the good news and this week there's really a lot of good news. It's been one of the best weeks we've had in a long time.

The bad news is that our latest shipment of hemp to the United States has been held up in customs. It finally cleared on Friday of this week, but we are now two weeks behind schedule on our trial. This will further delay the launch of our Cambridge Bay Imperial Pilsner - which is already delayed due to issues with the last batch we produced. The product team is working to see how we can make up the time and get our Cambridge Bay Imperial Pilsner out to market.