Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update January 18, 2019


I'm excited to welcome Fran Sanda to our Executive Leadership Team. For those of you who don't know, Fran was a Province Brands investor who read about our hiring needs in one of these weekly updates and reached out to express interest. We're very glad he did. Fran is joining Province Brands as our Chief Business Development Officer and will help me run the Business Development, Fundraising Team. Fran has many years of experience running sales organizations and was recently involved in the sale of his previous company Aruba Networks to HP. We're very fortunate to have him.

I also want to congratulate one of our all-time MVP's at Province, Caitlin Krapf, whom we recently promoted to Chief Productivity Officer. Our Executive team now consists of: Jennifer Dianne Thomas (Chief Legal Officer); Oscar J-T Holm (Head of Marketing); John Mogk (Chief Business Development Officer); Lauren Maillian (Chief Strategy Officer); Caitlin Krapf (Chief Productivity Officer) and me, Dooma Wendschuh (Chief Executive Officer). We're now 45 people strong at team Province if you include our part-time contractors and interns (but excluding our advisors and non-employee board members). We're becoming an army and a very powerful and capable army.

This week so many things have happened which have made me insanely proud to be part of team Province. You can familiarize yourself with the company and how its run by checking out our organizational chart.