Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update January 4, 2019


I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday break. 2019 is here. I remember where I was in 2018 when it was announced that cannabis beverages would be allowed in Canada just one year after legalization. I remember thinking that October 2019 seemed like forever. Well now it’s just over 9 months away. This is the year we will sell our first products (our alcohol beer) and this is the year we will sell our first marijuana products. It will be one of the most exciting years of our lives – and I’m quite sure It will also be one of the most challenging.

We built this company on a dream – a dream that one day there could be a safer and healthier alternative to alcohol and that we could bring that product to market. This dream continues to drive everything we do at Province Brands. But 2019 is the year when the dream will begin to be tested in the real world. This will be the year in which consumers weigh in, where the market weighs in.

I can tell you right now that this year will not be smooth sailing. It will be full of challenges. There will be lots of crises. Nearly everything will go wrong. We will likely slip on some delivery dates. We will likely have product issues. Nothing will work exactly as planned. The team will lose sleep. There will be heated debates, maybe even fights. Passions and tempers will be high. There will be days when members of our team think to themselves “is all of this really worth it?” But by the end of the year both our cannabis and alcohol products will be in the hands of consumers and then everyone will realize that yes, of course it was worth it.

Province Brands has been through a lot since we founded this company in late 2016. But through it all we’ve become a globally known and respected brand without even bringing a product to market. When we bring our first product to market in 2019 we will become much more than that. All of those “firsts” we’ve been talking about since we started the company will begin to materialize. It will be a really hard year. But when we make it through this year, we will be a much, much different company. We will be unstoppable.

I want to thank everyone on our team and all of our investors for supporting us through everything that’s happened over the past 2-plus years. I look forward to having a beer with each of you in 2019.