Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founder's Update January 19, 2018


This is a huge time of growth for the company. Every deal is pivotal and time sensitive. The tight deadlines combined with a high pressure environment often makes our team tense and when things are not going as planned the natural human instinct is to point fingers and complain. 

This week one of our team members shared an excellent article about how complaining is tempting because it feels good, but like many other things that are enjoyable -- such as smoking or eating a pound of bacon for breakfast -- complaining isn’t good for your team. 

So the first part of the advice given by the article is a bit too touchy feely for our team because it suggests “cultivating an attitude of gratitude -- that is, when you feel like complaining, shift your attention to something that you’re grateful for.” But the second piece of advice is spot on for us and something our team can and will incorporate. This advice suggests that we engage in solution-oriented complaining. Basically, have a clear purpose. Before complaining, know what outcome you’re looking for. 

So why is all of this important? Well, when I was a firm lawyer doing M&A work one of our clients, who bought and sold hundreds of businesses, told me that intellectual property is important and you always need valuable intellectual property and branding, but he would never buy a company unless they had top talent that worked together well.

He said he could spot a winning company by following one guideline: It is not just the technology it’s the team. Always buy for leadership.

We have a great technology that is a no-brainer for investors, but we are also on a quest for greatness by living up to the other half of the equation: having a great team that works seamlessly.