Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update February 2, 2018


This week was a difficult and emotional week for Province. It was difficult for me largely due to challenges associated with my personal lawsuit against Jon Cooper and my previous cannabis company and against Daniel Clemens who was a consultant to my previous company in the industry. It was a difficult week for Kim because her grandmother passed away.

A startup is always an emotional roller coaster. Everything is high stress with ups and downs. Every day feels like the best day of your life or the worst. Imagine layering on top of that real world stress from outside the business. I'm really proud of the way everyone at Team Province came together to take some work off my plate so I could focus on the outside matters which were pressing and demanded my attention. I'm proud of how everyone showed support for Kim. It's not always sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. And I'm a big believer that Team Province is just that - a team, and not a family. To borrow from Netflix's playbook, we are a "Professional Sports Team." Our goal is to be the best at all costs. We exist to hire the best teammates in the world. And with these teammates we try to to achieve what others think is impossible. But there is more to all of our lives than business and when things intrude from the outside world into our business world a good team should at times do what a family does - provide support and help carry the load when one person is not able to operate and peak performance. That's what happened this week at Province. That's what makes me so proud of everyone on our team. Thanks all.