Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founder's Update September 8, 2017


As many of you know, this past week was not a normal one for Province. Dooma’s parents live in Miami, and with Hurricane Irma looming, Dooma decided to fly down to Florida on Wednesday night to help them prepare for the impending storm. We are so grateful that Miami avoided a direct hit, and are happy to report that all of Dooma’s family is safe and sound. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the storm. By the time you read this, Dooma should be back to overseeing all things Province.

I am so proud of how the team pulled together in Dooma’s short absence. Every single member stepped up to make sure things ran smoothly. Yasir made sure that work on our new financial model continued at pace. Krina did great work at pushing forward our crowd funding effort and transition to Solium. Caitlin made sure that our effort to hire someone to oversee making the starting materials for our beer in Toronto moved forward. And I’ll be taking Dooma’s place tonight at Arcview Boston Local.

Since Johanna, who manages getting these updates out each week, is also based in Miami, we decided to keep things easy and skip the Team Updates, but expect our normal breakdown next week. We’re still waiting confirmation that Arcview Palm Beach will be happening, but if it does and you plan to attend, please reach out so we know. Dooma will be there and would love to catch up.


Jennifer Thomas, AllDooma Wendschuh