Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founder's Update August 4, 2017


Excellence Makes the Team Stronger

This week we lost a team member. Losing a team member in our already small Toronto home base is quite a shake up. We have already moved forward and temporarily filled the newly vacant role, but it is a reminder how much weight each each team member holds because our staff is so small.

We have also added several new consultants.

Working at Province is a privilege and not a right. We are the elite, highly specialized – we’ve earned our place to be here, and we prove that every day. Every member of our team must be a star. We value strengths over lack of weakness. We always have each other’s back. We can depend on each other fully. We help each other be great. We do not compete with others on our own team – save that for the competition.

Every person on our team is juggling several projects and managing so many tasks. We are proud of all their hard work and how much everyone consistently rises to new tasks that are clearly outside of their wheelhouse.