Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founder's Update July 28, 2017


Our primary priorities right now are to (a) get this funding round closed (b) get final product R&D started, and (c) finalize a deal with a licensed producer as quickly as possible. So far, with limited resources, we have judged everything we do through this lens. However, as these priorities come closer to becoming a reality, we are now asking "Is this approach helping or hindering our product development?"  

Either way be comforted that we are building a team that can pivot as necessary to maintain forward momentum.

All of that said… we aren’t there, yet. We are still in development. Things are changing in our product roadmap and our development schedule on a daily basis. We have been scheduling more and more product tastings. We are planning to attend more and more conferences in our industry. We are closing more and more deals every day.  But we continue to need your support and help.  Please browse through our sections entitled things we need help with because your engagement matters to us.  

Dooma has been passionate about being transparent with investors during this growth phase so each week we take the “mask off” and remove our super hero costumes so you can see the real person behind the mask – actually it's so you can see our decisions in real-time. You see our human mistakes and how we correct them, you see the areas where we need help and the parts of our projects/plans that have been delayed.    

We are okay with that because we know that superheroes don’t get cool origin stories without revealing their shortcomings to their team, friends, and supporting characters.