Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founder's Update June 9, 2017


It was a rough week for cannabis stock. Many believe this week was a spotlight on the weak growth strategies and vulnerabilities in our industry. I personally think this is a sign that cannabis companies have to get serious about doing the boring stuff that other businesses do everyday. Yes, we are the“cool kids” when compared to other developing industries but we are having growing pains as an industry.  Its not enough to focus on cultivation methods and strains anymore. Instead, after decades of outlier status, the tides are turning and the companies in our industry that survive the test of time will probably be those who are doing all the boring things we require of businesses in other industries.  Things like having a solid business plan and strategies for long term growth. Maybe having a license and cool cultivation methods isn’t enough anymore. Province is poised to excel in this new stage of growth in the cannabis industry.