Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update June 16, 2017

dooma CFN.JPG

I’m writing this update from a friend’s house in Colorado and the reason I’m smiling so much in the photo is that today and yesterday were historic days for Province and for everyone who loves beer. I was here meeting with our partners at Pure Vision Technology and also with our prospective brewing partner in Colorado. The reason I flew out for this meeting was because the first batch of Project Rogan we had prepared with these partners was complete. As many of you know, we had made several batches before with our Montreal-based brewing partners before but these were super rough proof of concept batches and for various reasons those were light years away from a product we can commercialize. This batch of Rogan was very different.  

On Thursday night we cracked open our first bottle of Rogan 2.0. We were at the tap house owned by our Colorado brewing partner. We poured four glasses - one for me, one for the brewer, and one for each of two bartenders. The moment of truth. I was a little nervous. I always get nervous before trying something we’ve made. We toasted, put the glasses to our lips and drank. I paused - waiting for someone else to speak first. “I’d drink this” said one of the bartenders. “Yeah. This is good” said another. They weren’t wrong. I’d been holding my tongue – I didn’t want to influence them.

Of course they had no idea what they were drinking. Before I could tell them one of the bartenders cracked a second bottle and poured glasses for four patrons sitting nearby at the bar – regulars accustomed to trying the tap room’s new experimental brews. They all tried it. Another bottle was opened for a different set of patrons sitting nearby who had watched us and wanted to get in on the tasting action. Ten glasses in all. And in a few moments not a drop was left in any of them. The brewer couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Anyone want to guess what you were just drinking?” he said. “A pilsner?” guessed one of the patrons. “I’ll give you a hint” said the brewer – “you’ve never had a beer made from these ingredients” said the brewer. “Well technically – it has hops – you’ve had that before” I corrected him. “Aside from the hops” he said. “Rice?” “millet?” No one guessed correctly. You should have seen their faces when I told them they were drinking the first beer the world had ever seen which was brewed from cannabis. “Will it get me high?” one of the bartenders and one of the patrons asked, essentially in unison. I explained that it would not. The only psychoactive ingredient in this beer was alcohol. “But it will get you drunk if you drink enough” I said. “When are you going to have that on tap?” asked one of the customers. I was wondering the same thing myself. 

Today we had meeting with the Pure Vision Team and they tried the beer for the first time. They loved it too. It was an amazing feeling to see the responses and to have finally accomplished something so many said could not be done.  Who said you need grains to make a beer?  
We’re now moving on to phase II of our collaboration with Pure Vision Technology and in this phase we’ll be working to perfect the recipe using their unique process.  As soon as we’ve nailed that down, we’ll be ready for first sales of project Rogan. I’ll drink to that! Cheers!

Congratulations to Ryan, Jason and everyone at Pure Vision Technology who worked so hard to make Rogan a reality. It won’t be long now. We’re getting a lot closer!