jennifer dianne thomas founder's update may 26, 2017

For the last few weeks, our Founders team has been in the midst of making a huge decision for the company.  We have been faced with selecting between two monumental opportunities.  Each path would present a unique set of challenges and risks. One path is seductive because it would immediately ease some of our monetary growing pains but it also takes away much of our independence. I am proud to say that while I don’t agree with everyone on our team I feel so glad to be apart of a team that celebrates listening to your internal voice.  

In our industry everything is changing so quickly and because of the infancy of the industry we can’t always rely on precedent, so we have to make decisions based on intuition. 

This concept makes me think of a quote by Kit Crawford. 

“Leadership is a lot about listening to yourself... Be brave with your decision even if it goes against the grain.”

Kit Crawford,
Co-Owner of Clif Bar & Company