jennifer dianne thomas founder's update may 19, 2017

This week I read an article titled “3 Companies Putting Remote Workers in Surprising Roles.”  The article raved about companies that are no longer bound bygeographic limitations when searching forthe best talent.  We are finally on the verge of hiring more team members and it is pretty obviously that our natural approach to hiring wholly adopts this methodology and mindset. 

Our team is scattered all over the world and we make it work everyday.  For example, we have a brew master and R&D team in Colorado, a director in Nevada, an admin team leader in California, a marketing director in Sweden, I am based in New York,  all while Dooma holds the home base in Toronto.   

As we hire new team members it is clear that we are primarily searching for the best fit – in terms of skill and culture - and we could care less about locales. Down the line I know that filling skills gaps will be easier for us because we have broken from old norms to find professionals with the right skill sets to complement existing teams or form new ones.  I think this ability to be geography non-conforming will also help us attract the cream of the crop in the talent pool. 

It is nice to know that we are on the cutting edge of hiring practices without even trying.