Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update October 6, 2017

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My great great grandfather lived near Dresden, Germany. He wanted something better for himself and his family. He saved for years and bought a ticket on a great ship. He left his entire family behind. The ship sailed around the tip of South America. This was way before they built the Panama Canal – in the middle of the nineteenth century. When he arrived in California, he didn’t know the first thing about gold. He didn’t even speak English. But he figured it out. He learned enough to get by, enough to find a substantial amount of gold. He found himself a tailor who sewed him a quilted vest and he hid all that gold in the quilting of the vest. Then he boarded a train heading east. Didn’t sleep for days because he was afraid he'd be robbed. Just kept looking out the window until he found a spot that looked real nice. He got out of the train, bought a lot of land, brought the family over from Germany, and built one of the larger dairy farms in central Ohio. Now that’s entrepreneurship.

That was the Gold Rush. This is the Green Rush. It is no different. This is about entrepreneurship. It’s in my blood. We all have our own stories. Oscar’s also from a family of entrepreneurs. I’ve spent the past few days at the Grow Up Conference in Niagara Ontario, just blown away by the innovation and the tireless work of the many entrepreneurs in this industry. I’m proud to be part of the vanguard of innovation in this industry and even prouder to be part of the game-changing work we’re doing at Province Brands. I’m excited that we’re in the right place at the right time.  I’m proud that we’re solving a real problem. And I’m very much aware that right NOW is the opportunity.

The California Gold Rush lasted for less than 10 years, but it’s impacts are still felt today. This Green Rush won’t last forever. This is really our moment. We’re so grateful to the support of our investors and everyone on our team who is working so hard to bring our innovations to life. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from a lifetime of entrepreneurship, it is that innovation is important but execution is what determines success. We need to be ready to execute better than anyone in this industry. That’s our next challenge. Get ready.