Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founder's Update November 17, 2017


The image to the right has been making the rounds on LinkedIn and it got me thinking - which some would say is slightly dangerous. We all immediately get the point, which is that we should never be too busy to investigate better ways of getting the right things done. We are such a small team that it often seems like we are always busy. Since Dooma has been away one thing that I have been pondering quite a bit is: How do we build a team that values both prioritizing work and taking the time to improve how we do our work? What if we planned for less than 100% utilization? In that time perhaps we can create the time and space for improvements and innovation. When you have the time to improve and innovate you can increase your capability and do even more.


Doing improvement work in big batches every other week or once a month is not optimal. We have to plan for it to be part of our daily work. Our daily work should really be both delivering value AND improving the work. Small batches and high repetition will also help us build the habits of continuous improvements and innovation. We are all about innovation at Province when it comes to our products. I think that it is important for us to strive for innovation and improvement when it comes to our daily tasks as well. We would love your feedback on how we can work towards this goal to create a team that continuously improves our processes so that our capabilities do not dwindle. One of our biggest productivity tools is Smartsheet. This program helps keep us on task everyday. But as we grow each department has to find its own productivity and innovation tools to optimize its daily tasks.